Monday, August 23, 2010

August 2010 Adult Kukai

trying it out --
the old ship steering wheel

Railway Museum --
a dead bluegum leaf
on the cabin floor

Railway Museum --
cold handle of the point level
of 1924

old train --
struggling with high steps
into the coach

Railway Museum --
oil smell lingers inside
an old coach

                                              By Caleb Mutua


Thursday, March 25, 2010

hot afternoon--
a sweaty manual worker
struggles to pull a cart


the echo of
a barking dog in the compound--
silent night
Yamame Winslause.
a wet bed--
neighbour's children blame
the leaking roof

school holidays' end--
water-filled playing holes
for rolling marbles

overnight prayers--

blasting fireworks interrupts

the new year countdown

new year--
kids share their adventure
from upcountry

January evening--
the market path is fringed
with new calendars

Sunday morning--
an army of worshippers

marching in drizzle

Matatu strike--

a plump lady strugles to reach
the motobike seat

back to school--
a mother and her son squeeze
on a motorbike

Caleb Mutua.
moonlit night--
the echo of the crying baby
makes the dogs bark

a little girl undust her
fallen flowers

red decorations on the pears
vendors wheelbarrow

a hawker vends plastic roses
at the local market

valentine morning--
youthles church for the
morning service

red dressed--
she slips over a rotten mango
at the market

Hussein Haji
at the church entry---
a scented christmas tree

Gladys Kathini
February wind--
the washline releases
the clothes
February night--
the cats fight restlessly
on the roof
One one for the Valentine:
the couple kiss
across the bus station--
Valentines day
Thank You.
Kelvin Mukoselo
iron sheets
play a lullaby rhythm--
long rains


long rains --
school boy wraps his gum boots
in a long trouser